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debt management

Debt Management
We understand that most of the time legal actions are being processed due to the lack of communication between Debtors & Creditors. We also understand that dealing with your creditors is very hard but also not dealing with them will not solve the problem. Let us help you.

How can we help you :

  • Help you pay less:
  • Our experienced credit consultants negotiate with your creditors on your behalf for better repayment terms, including lowering your interest rates and waiving your late fees.

  • Help to pay off your debt faster:
  • By creating a realistic and manageable payment plan, you'll be able to pay off your debt much sooner than you can do on your own.

  • Make just one monthly payment every month:
  • By consolidating all your credit cards and other unsecured debts into one, you won't have to worry about forgetting any payments. We will receive your monthly payment & in turn disburse it to your creditors & send you the receipts.

Who qualifies?
To see a financial change you must owe at least 7500 L.E. in an unsecured debts, at least two unsecured accounts. (unsecured debt simply means the debt is not secured by a mortgage or a loan on physical property like a house, vehicle or a boat.)
Metropolitan can help you reduce your APR (Annual Percentage Rate) as well as your payments, we will also stop any collection harassments & law suits, but the key to success is your sincere desire to have a fresh start again.

How to start?

Before we start negotiating with your creditors, we prepare a financial statement for your unique situation to be presented to your creditors.
You can download our expense sheet by clicking here.

  • We will then negotiate with all of them , in so many cases we were to get as low as 0% APR to help you re-pay your debts affordably.
  • Once all of your accounts are finalized with your creditors, we mail you the final situation along with a graphic & statistics showing you how much & how long did you save.
  • You will start making only one payment to Metropolitan Credit & Consulting 5 days prior to the actual due date & we in turn will disburse them to your creditors.
  • You will be receiving a monthly statement from our office showing you the balance & the terms remaining for your accounts.

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