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Banking Consulting

Metropolitan is one of the leaders in Banking Consulting for SMEs, MidCap & Corporate levels. With more than 12 years of experience in this field within Egypt & abroad, Metropolitan was able to build an extensive network of banking funding providers. Metropolitan focuses on providing funding tools to SMEs with a total sales revenue up to 40 Million EGP & for MidCap & corporate levels with total sales revenues more than 40 Million EGP. By assigning your credit & financial advisory to Metropolitan , our professional team will immediately engage into a variety of our pre-approval process where we use the most efficient techniques to evaluate your file & get it ready to be presented to different financial institutions after providing an extensive file including all required documents & financial analysis as well as our recommended funding. Once we start receiving approvals from different financial institutions, we will set up a meeting with our client to compare received offers & select the most efficient matching our client’s needs. With MCC, you will be able to achieve your fundraising goals efficiency & professional without the hardship borrowers usually go through to get funded.  


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