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Metropolitan Vision:

Metropolitan Consulting (S.A.E.) was established in 2008 in order to present a variety of financial & credit services to both SMEs & Corporate companies in Egypt. Metropolitan is the first credit & financial advisory firm in Egypt to provide all types of credit consulting services in additions to all needed assistance to our clients to improve their debt management and credit scoring. It is a pioneer firm in Egypt to be established in order to work side by side with borrowers to enhance their credit awareness as well as their financial habits. Metropolitan is your one stop credit services partner. At Metropolitan, we promise our financial partners on the one side and our clients on the other side the most effective & professional service!

Metropolitan consulting have over 50 local and foreign professionals that are on our lists of services covering a variety of functions (Marketing, Credit, Risk, Investigation & I-Score, Legal, etc…) .

We at Metropolitan have a staff of professional credit consultants on our clients side to represent them when dealing with all types of financial institutions from banking whether Conventional or Islamic passing by Leasing and up to Factoring.

Our Vision

Metropolitan Consulting aims to become the most recognized financial and credit consulting leader in the Middle East.

Our Mission

Metropolitan Consulting is committed to becoming our clients’ most highly values advisor by demonstrating our unique understanding of their needs, educating them and providing the right credit counseling and exceeding the expectations of our clients as well as our financial partners in every encounter and solution we present.

Our Core Values

Transparency: We are honest with our clients and our financial partners.

Integrity: We have a high level of ethics and integrity in everything we do.

Quality: We have a passion for service quality excellence in every aspect of our business.

Respect: We have a high sense of pride and respect for all our staff.

Teamwork: We encourage co-operation and foster the team’s spirit.

Why deal with Metropolitan Consulting?

Our Financial Partners

The expertise of Metropolitan Consulting acting as financial & credit partners is crucial in the following main areas:

  • Metropolitan has a strong clientele base in different segments (SMEs, Mid-Cap, Corporates).
  • Metropolitan has a pool of professionals with extensive backgrounds and years of experiences in banks and leasing companies.
  • Metropolitan has a wide network of relationships with local and foreign institutions & investors.
  • Metropolitan has a strong relationship with vendors in all types of sectors.
  • Metropolitan has signed MOUs and Service agreements with various financial institutions.
  • Metropolitan has extensive know-how in structuring financing and arranging syndications.
  • Metropolitan is recognized as a sole financial advisor for I-Scores credit repair.
  • Metropolitan has various branches throughout Cairo and the Governorates.
  • Metropolitan facilitates the financial institution credit decision by providing a complete file that includes reports from various functional departments within Metropolitan (marketing, credit, risk, investigation, legal, finance, etc…).
  • Metropolitan manage the process via an extensive infrastructure database.

Our Clients

The expertise of Metropolitan acting as financial advisors for our clients is crucial in the following main areas:

  • Advising on multi-sourcing of funds: to avoid constraining the borrowing capacity of the project
  • company to the availability of funds, and to optimize the use of different sources.

  • Negotiating the loan/lease documentation: this is designed to protect the borrower’s best
  • interest by obtaining and comparing offers from several lenders (local & International banks, leasing companies, etc...).

  • Structuring the finance: to determine which features are more appropriate given the various limitations.
  • Assisting client to manage their debts: By creating a realistic and manageable payment plan,
  • clients shall be able to pay off your debt much sooner than you can do on your own.

  • Managing the process: to assist in tendering for and choosing the various lenders, and ensure
  • all parties abide by a tight schedule. All our clients track the progress of their file via our client database login.

  • Preparing and presenting the client file: this memorandum is to be circulated to potential
  • lenders. It contains general information on the borrower and its shareholders. It also addresses technical, financial and market aspects of the project. This helps lenders in their assessment of the financing. One of the main contents of any project finance memorandum is the cash flow projections of the project. It would be based on the assumptions reached in the other sections of the file. A computer spread sheet program is usually employed to run the projections and the sensitivity analysis cases and to prepare supporting reports (such as I-Score report and CBE report analysis, investigation report, market studies, technical, insurance, etc).

Metropolitan Credit Consulting Procedures

Metropolitan takes pride that it is the only financial advisory firm in Egypt providing the whole credit cycle that borrowers are in need to in Egypt. By assigning your credit and funding consultancy to Metropolitan, our professional team will immediately engage into a variety of our pre-approval process where we use the most efficient techniques to evaluate your file and get it ready to be presented to various financial institutions both locally and internationally.

  • After a careful case study has been concluded, a consultancy report will be issued by Metropolitan and directed to as many financial institutions as possible to get an offer for your case.
  • A full and extensive file will be prepared to be presented to the lenders on your behalf along with our consultancy report and our recommendations.
  • Once we start receiving offers from the different financial institutions, we will set up a meeting with our client to go over them and assist them select the best one that matches our client’s needs.